Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extremely important for the CIEB attendants

I have just received this message from Diego:

- Belén Astor Martín
- Alba Rodríguez Jiménez
- Alba Romero Gil
- María Dolores Olias Martinez
- Cristina Bascuñana Acero
- Celia López Hoya
- Arancha Lomas Olaizola
- Soraya Romero Moreno
- Per Daniel Nilsson
- Gabriel Fernández Sánchez-Guerrero
Tenéis que ir mañana a la zona de registro del congreso (Edificio Departamental, entrada), entre las 10 y ll horas para recoger vuestros acreditaciones. Podéis consultar el programa definitivos en

Please, those who know anyone on the list, let them know for I don't have everybody's e-mail address.

Historia y política de la República de Roma

Oct 27th, 2011

Salón de Grados

First Activity starts at 9.15. Last activity starts at 14.15

To join the conferences it is enough to send an e-mail to indicating name, surname, course, dni/passport and mobile phone no.. If you want to apply for the credits (0,3 ECTS) you must say it too.


You can click here for further information.


Today in School Organization we have watched the following video:

We have also been given an assignmen: Leadership in movies 5 (I reckon) due on Friday, though it's not available yet. The film on which we are doing the assignment is 'United 93', which I will try to upload later on.

Good luck on Social History of Education!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Actualización de las políticas del espacio de libertad, seguridad y justicia.

I have just come up to this activity. This is the poster for it.

Cartel FINAL

This is the schedule:

Jornadas conferencia octubre 2011

And this is the inscription form:

formulario inscripción

I think I have also seen the inscription forms at the main entrance of our building, near the candy shop.


Today in Theory of Education we have seen the following video:

We have also been sent the following assignment:


7. Did you anticipate the response that Mrs Gruwell received on the invitation to hand in the journals for her reading?

Do you think Mrs Gruwell was surprised?

What can you imply about the students' response to this invitation? (I reckon this question is written incorrectly).

Besides, Eloy has fixed the date for the second exam on Dec 15th.

Raquel Marcos, a partner from Pre-Primary Education, has received a mail from Gijs excluding the Education of women in the Middle Ages from the exam, so we have a file less to study ahead.

Some of you have told me the files you download from the previous posts are broken or you can't simply open them. I can tell I have double-checked by downloading and opening the files and they do work, so if you cannot open a file, try downloading it again, or go to the winrar post in case you don't have the proper software to open the files.
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