Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schedules 12/13

Schedules for next year have been released. Since some of you are taking subjects from third year, and some others are re-taking subjects from first year, there you go schedules for all of them:

First year:

- 1st semester
- 2nd semester

Second year:

- 1st semester

- 2nd semester

Third year:

- 1st semester

- 2nd semester

Mathematics I

Hello fellas,

As you may already know, our Mathematics teacher for next year told us half of the subject will be in Spanish, and the other half will be in English. She was very fierce about that when we had the issue with our former Social Psychology teacher.

I have learnt that, according to the Manual para la elaboración de una Guía Docente, all subjects must be taught in either English or Spanish, but only one language.That's the reason why we wouldn't claim Spanish Literature to be taught in English, but that must be the reason too, why we should demand the whole Mathematics subject to be taught in English.

We have experienced how tangled it gets when we let teachers do as they please for a time, expecting them to behave as they should, and all the troubles it brings to us at the most inappropriate timing. So, in order to set things clear before we start, so that I can bring all work done the very first day of class, when things need to be done right away if we want to avoid past uncomfortable situations, I want to ask you one question in regards of this matter:

Furthermore, I have also learnt that our teaching guide for a subject has to concur with the Spanish teaching guide for the subject. Since we have had troubles with that too, mostly in Sociology of Education, I reckon it would be a lot easier if we set things clear the first day, so I have a second question for you to answer:

It is important that we have a legal teaching guide, so that if anything happens and someone needs to complain, they cannot play tricks on that person, as it has happened a few months ago with Focus on Diversity. It doesn't seem fair to me that we let teachers do as they please while they are so strict with us. Letting all of this to happen leads to uncertainty on whether the teacher will be good to us if we let him/her do what he/she feels like. This way, with all due respect, we let the teachers know that we are aware of our responsibilities, but also our rights, so in order to avoid problems (for both parties), we all should do things properly.

Polls will be open for a while, and at the end of the month I will contact the degree coordinator and our tutora integral to brief them about the issue.
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