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Seminario Comunicación e infancia: Experiencias de éxito: Programa

Seminario Comunicación e infancia: Experiencias de éxito: Programa:

Fuenlabrada, 11 de abril de 2012
Aula 321, Aulario III
9.30 – 10h          Inscripciones
10h                     Inauguración
10.30 – 11.30h   Mesa redonda: Medios de comunicación e infancia: ¿relación estéril?
  Mª Cruz López de Ayala. Profesora. URJC.
                                 Yolanda Pastor. Profesora. URJC.
  Mónica Ruiz Maus. Profesora. Centro Universitario Villanueva - UCM.
11.30 – 12h         PAUSA
12.00 – 13.30h  
Mesa redonda: Experiencias comunicativas con éxito educativo en radio, marketing e Internet.
Alexia Ruiz Millás, directora de PequeNet.
Miguel González-Durán, director de Agencia Arista División de Kids & Teens.
Benjy Montoya, director Creativo y de Programación de Babyradio.
13.30 – 15.30     PAUSA
15.30 – 17.00h  
Mesa redonda: Experiencias comunicativas con éxito educativo en prensa y televisión.
José Luis Córdoba, director de Publicaciones de Panini.
Íñigo Pastor, director general de Zinkia Entertainment, creadores de Pocoyó.
17h        Clausura

Punishment Day

I've been looking forward to explaining Punishment Day's consequences, so that you relax a little...

According to his explanations, that +0.5, -0.5 or -1 is included within the 20% belonging to class activities. So... out of that 20% the teacher cannot exceed in any way the grades.

The exam is worth 40% of the final grade, and 4/10 is required to pass the subject. Besides, group activities are worth another 40%, and I have learnt that most of the groups are doing great with them... That means only one end to any of the two possible situations:

- If you didn't reach 4/10 on the exam, you will have to retake it in June either ways, so you shouldn't worry at all.

-If you did reach the 4/10 on the exam and your average between the exam and the tasks is at least 5/8 (40%+40%=80%) you have already passed the subject, so you're saved.

Even if you have done of the questions in class and got -1 in "Punishment Day" for "wasting the teacher's time", you don't need to worry, since the worst thing likely to happen is that you keep the same 0/2 that you already had, since he cannot lower your marks below that 20%.

I have created a spreadsheet to show three different cases:


These are the results so far for Wednesday's survey:

Passed: 10 (21%)
Failed: 15 (31%)
Totally screwed up: 20 (42%)
No F***ing clue: 3 (6%)

This is, partly, consecuence of a bad behaviour. We all know that. However, we should not let this happen again, even if there are still behavioural problems. Teachers have two options: One is being tough on those who constantly talk in class; the other is not giving a shit about it. Punishing all of the class is not an option, and at least I, will not take it anymore. I am nobody's parent, hence I will not take any responsibility for other people's behaviour, and I am really far from letting that situation affect my grades.

It is also important to warn that EVERYONE is entitled to demand from others, if some start demanding from oneself... I recommend the teachers to find another solution for the problem, otherwise they will turn it into a major problem, and honestly, I don't need any more problems in college, I am already fed up with it and don't want to reach the I've-had-it-up-to-here point.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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