Thursday, January 26, 2012

Automatic Bibliography Maker

Hello mates,

Whilst working on a paper for the other degree, I have come across a website where you can type a URL, magazine, newspaper, journal, search for a book or a film, add some information and it automatically generates the bibliography for it. It is very easy to use, and you only have to register in order to be able to save the generated bibliography.

I hope you take advantage of it facing future 'groupal works'.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Today in Methodology we have started Excersise no.3, due to

In Audiovisual Communication we have watched this video three times, once with sound, once without it, and once again with sound:

The teacher has been pointing out the body language of the actors in several scenes, such as dominance (1.54), being interested in someone (3.31), and so on... Then we have watched again to spot the body language used with the dialogue.

Bank Holiday

Hello mates,

This Wednesday, January 25th, is not bank holiday, but teacher's holiday (it is Saint Thomas Aquinas) and the university will be closed, so take advantage of it =)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Message from Eloy

This is a message from Eloy to those who have failed History, foreseeing that you still won't look at your WebCT in awhile:

"Hola a todos:

Vuestros compañeros de infantil van a realizar los exámenes de recuperación el día 30 de enero lunes, de 18 a 21 horas en el aula S1 (en el sótano debajo de las aulas de informática). Creo que es una buena fecha para hacerlo y, si queréis, podemos usarlo también para que los hagais vosotros. Si alguno tiene problema, preguntadme, y recordad que debeis hacer las dos partes, primer y segundo cuatrimestre."

Those who have to take the exam, please contact Eloy and/or Inés.
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