Thursday, March 08, 2012



These are the notes we have taken for Topic 6 in Sociology (at least, the part I have had time to write down...)

Social Psychology:

We have watched the following videos:

And Juan José has recommended watching the following video in order to do Task number 4 next week:

In regards of the exams and the final project:

First test 22nd March --> Topics 1-4

Second Test's (26th of April) Topics:

- Attitude
- Motivation
- Agression
- Leadership

Final Project will be about one of the following films, and we can gather in groups of up to five people each (download links):

Monday, March 05, 2012


Sorry for not updating so much these days. Besides the fact that there is not much to write about, I am working on the mentions, complaints and adapting the old posts to the requirements of the teachers and the degree coordinator. I hope I can set the blog privacy to public within two or three weeks.
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