Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bicentenario del nacimiento de España

Hello mates, I reckon we have all received this e-mail, but just in case I post the activity, for those of you who don't use university mail very often:

Estimados alumnos,

En primer lugar, el Instituto de Humanidades les desea un Feliz Año  
2012. Fruto de la constante actividad que hay en este Instituto, se  
les informa de unas nuevas jornadas organizadas por el Instituto de  
Humanidades para este año. Será el Seminario del Bicentenario del  
Nacimiento de España como Nación de Ciudadanos. Las sesiones tendrán  
lugar los días 14 y 15 de Febrero de 2012 en horario de mañana y  
tarde. Se concederá 1 crédito ECTS a aquellos que asistan y entreguen  
un pequeño resumen sobre las conferencias.

Todos aquellos que deseen inscribirse en el Seminario deberán enviar  
un correo electrónico a esta dirección  
(, señalando que desean ser inscritos en  
este seminario.

Se les adjunta la cartelería del del mismo.

Un cordial saludo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi mates,

Since José Pérez de Vargas, URJC Foundation Manager and Civil Law Dean, has deceased, there will be no class tomorrow.

E-mail for unattendance

Hello fellas, 

As I said I would, I am posting the e-mail I have sent to Social Psychology teacher in order to justify my unattendance tomorrow. This you may use as reference to explain your situation and why you would not attend her class tomorrow in case you are not going to.

"Hello Miss Ramos,

I attended the first class, when you explained the dynamic of the class. As far as I learnt that day, if we were not interested on receiving lessons in Spanish, we could refrain from attending your classes, for you would let us know in advance the days you had thought of giving assignments to do in class.

In a show of respect, trusting you would meet the class' will and give the lesson in English, I attended last class, but it was also in Spanish, so I left. Apparently, there is a rumour about an assignment tomorrow, but I have not been told in advance, as it was stated by you.

The main reason I am writing this e-mail is because I live far far away from college, and there is no other class but yours tomorrow, so it would really annoy me taking a 2 hours trip to college in order to find myself forced to leave again the class. This is why I let you know that, whether there is an assignment or not tomorrow, I will not attend your class.

I hope you find all due respect in this e-mail, because it is never my intention to bother you. 

I have also learnt about the situation in Pre-Primary Education, your intention to give the following lessons in English, and your need for a little comprehension and patiente in order to let you prepare those lessons. I want to let you know that I am looking forward to giving you that comprehension and patiente, along with any kind of collaboration that you may need and I provide.


Richard Taylor."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Religion Courses

This is an e-mail the degree coordinator has sent today, in regards of the need for the mention in religion requested to teach this subject in Primary Education:


Dear delegates, many of you have asked me if there was any chance of getting religion courses, seminars, etc.

I have been in touch several times with the priest in the URJC and there are a couple of courses I have already handed you. In regards of the last one I sent yesterday, it cannot be in Móstoles, Fuenlabrada or Vicálvaro this year, but they will take it into account for next years but it looks like it can't be in Vicálvaro.

This is the link for the Pastoral Universitaria de Getafe, so that you can check the academic activities for Reconocimiento Académico de Créditos:

"Actualmente se está tramitando legalmente la DECA. Todavía existen
cuestiones administrativas. Esperan que en breve se tenga toda la

Tomorrow's classes

Hello mates,

This post is to remind you (or let you know, just as I learnt today) that we will have no Audiovisual Communication lessons tomorrow. That makes going to class to get one hour of lessons in Spanish. THAT, I am not taking, so you will not be seeing me around tomorrow. (Sorry for my French but...) I simply can't be arsed to take 2 hours of public transport, getting to class and having the teacher speaking Spanish. I am sorry, but if I did that, it would mean I would have to stand up, leave, and deliver a complaint right away via Registro, but as far as we have seen... It is not the time to get in any troubles...

So, it is up to you, whether you attend or not classes tomorrow, but if we want to let them know we want to be given lessons in English, the only thing we can do so far is refusing to take lessons in Spanish.


Today in ITCs, besides taking some notes available on the WebCT, we have been given an assignment:

Either creating a wiki or blog-style (sort-of) practical guide for using Microsoft Word. I have spoken to the teacher, because I think that we should actually create a wiki or a blog to be more accurate, and she has accepted, so my group has created a new blog for that matter. I recommend writing an e-mail to the teacher in order to ask her the same question. If she agrees to everyone asking it, creating a blog or wiki, these are the pages you may use:



My opinion about the blogging sites is: Although wordpress has more features and better appearance, blogger is much easier to use and quicker to load. So, it is up to you.

In Methodology of Educational Research, also besides taking notes available on the WebCT, we have been given the assignment belonging to task 2, again, available on the WebCT and due to next week.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Today in Audiovisual Communication, the teacher has drawn some sketches on the blackboard to explain the brain processes and the unconscious behaviour of the human beings:

Assignment: You need to decide in groups what kind of concepts would you put into that table (the one at the bottom). I don't really know what is the assignment about, but as soon as someone tells me I will update the post.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Access and Enrolment

This information has been extracted directly from URJC (Draw your own conclusions taking into account that we are 109 in Methodology of Educational Research):

Access to official degrees requires holding a high school diploma or equivalent and passing the exam referred to in Article 42 of the Organic Law 6/2001 of Universities, modified in the Law 4/2007 (12 April), taking into account other mechanisms of access foreseen in existing regulations.
The maximum number of 1st year students accepted in the academic year 2011-12 is:
Vicalvaro Campus: 80
Enrolment in the Rey Juan Carlos University is on-line, using the computers on campus or any computer with web access. Dates and deadlines can be consulted in enrolment, as well as the requirements and necessary documents.  If any doubts arise, ask at the Student Telephone Assistance Centre (C.A.T.A.).
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