Saturday, October 08, 2011

It's your funeral!

Hi lads, (I write unformally because it's weekend and I'm a bit tired and fed up with not getting feedback).

I just post to let you know that I am already asking on facebook about the new options we may include in our claim form, so if you want to get heard, Like the facebook page "Grados Bilingües URJC", and answer the question posted. Besides, there's also a tuenti profile with the same name. Add it, for your own sake, unless you don't want to take advantage. It's your funeral!

Same goes for "e-mail addresses" post. Some of you have already sent me their e-mails, but most of you haven't. So, again, it's your funeral!

There you go, I'm not forcing anyone.


Case studies on educational administration

These are the case studies Inés has handed to me, just scanned:

Friday, October 07, 2011

E-mail addresses

Good morning class, there might be some information I will need to share privately with each one of you, so I would be very pleased if all of you could send me an e-mail with your name and e-mail address so that I can create a group of contacts and send you the info at once. This goes for both, Primary Education and Pre-Primary Education students. You can find my e-mail address on the left side of the blog.

Thanks a million.

Social History of Education

Hello Class,

Several people have told me they're not coming tomorrow because of Gabriela's absence. It is to say that our duty is to attend classes, but, given the circumstances... I believe Gijs won't mind if there's an acceptable ratio of absence tomorrow. I will make sure I speak to him and explain the situation to him. This doesn't mean he's not coming tomorrow. Not at all. Some of us want to attend class, and we have the right to do it. Besides, I don't think any teacher is keen on missing classes, because of the tight schedules.

Anyhow, as far as we don't have to sign for attendance, and people who don't come tomorrow can ask for notes the day after...  So, it is completely up to you, but be sure tomorrow there ought to be class.

I hope all doubts are cleared with this post.

Cheers, and see some of you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Case 7: My answer

I don't have the case because its availability at University Library is none. The reason I am studying in a public university is because I cannot afford paying for private tuition and materials and, obviously, I cannot afford every single book each teacher wants us to buy. Besides, these are specialized books you cannot find at the book store round the corner, at least at a fair price.

So, what I've been up to for the last twenty-five minutes is searching for a free digital version or free cases samples online, just as I have done with the other books, but it has been unsuccessful for the time being, but I really hope I can find it. Just give it time.

1. What relevant information do I possess in relation to the problem?

2. What additional information do I need to adress the problem?

3. What are possible sources for obtaining additional information? --> Obviously, not the library.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sign it, please

Han actuado
0 personas
Nos faltan
0 firmas

Actúa ahora

Tu nombre
Tu apellido
Tu correo-e
Cód. Postal

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Today in School Organization we have watched the following video:

Mr. Paz-Albo has told us to print out handout Classroom Climate Checklist for next Tuesday, and that's pretty much it. Remember to sign the Actuable and share it with your contacts. See you tomorrow =)


Hello, mates, I've just created an 'Actuable' for the issue we are handling so lately. It is just to put some pressure on them, so if you could get friends and relatives to sign it, it'd be great.

Thank you very much

Claim form

You can download the claim form you have signed for, so that you all know what you're signing for:

By the way, anyone who has not signed yet, come to me before Friday, that's the last day I am collecting signatures for this issue. Anyone who doesn't sign is not to reap any fruits and will have to do it separately on his/her own.

Besides, I'm leaving in half an hour, people who don't send me an e-mail for the CIEB won't get listed. Half an hour!

More History notes

This is unit 4:

BTW, I haven't received any mails yet about the CIEB, does that mean no one is interested?

Monday, October 03, 2011

Tools and notes

After posting the latest notes for History and Culture of Spain, I have just realized I am not sure I have posted the previous one, so just in case I post them (again?):


Besides, Jesús Paz-Albo has given some tools to us today, here you go the links to the sites:


Today, Jesús has told us to bring scissors on Monday.

He has told us to take this quiz:

We have to bring the article (available at the begining of the blog, in theory of education attachments entry) and also in

He has given the following assignment:

Questions 5 and 6 for Freedom Writers

5. In the 'Live Game' what observations did you make about the players as the game progressed?
6. Prior to handing out the journals, Mrs. Gruwell laid out a very specific set of guidelines regarding how the journals would be graded and accepted. How important is it to have a clar set of expectations and guidelines when bringing a 'new concept' online? What does doing so establish?

Besides, for the people unable to log in to the campus virtual, the latest uploaded notes for History of Spain:

Congreso Internacional de Enseñanza Bilingüe en Centros Educativos

Here I share the link to the website of the CIEB, where you can read the presentation:

If you click the Programa button (top center) and go straight to the bottom you can download the schedules.

Send me an e-mail ( before tomorrow 1pm and I'll list you to apply for a scholarship to attend the CIEB, but only if you're really interested. Keep in mind that several students will not get the scholarship and imagine you could not get access to something you really like because of someone who doesn't like it that much. The other class has about 70 students, but only 12 are applying for the scholarship, so do the math.

E-mails received after deadline won't be read until I arrive home (that means this time) and that will be too late to let the class officer for the other class know.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Old messages recovery

As most of you may have noticed, the whole webmail system changed this week.

We have a windows live-based webmail service now. The problem is that all of our e-mail previous to this change, were wiped out.

Well, here you go the instructions to get them back:
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